Aspiring to the principle

Publication Design

Working with internal editors and creative team
in marketing design, publication design and
production; developing design concepts, executing
design and layout to produce final.

My identity was created to simply show a simple

representation of who I am. The color palette that was

chose was to represent nature, it is a large representation
of the work that I produce.

Small Campaign
This campaign was to come up with a company name,

logo, P.O.P. display, and product packaging. I wanted to

represent a organic soft pleasing feel to the product.

Focusing on children I wanted to represent a fun feel

with animals, nature, and organic packaging.

Cause Campaign
This campaign was designed to focus on a non-profit
organization. Working on a full campaign to get residents
involved with the cause. This included logo design,
mailers, give always, billboards, ads, and bus stops.

Magazine Layout
With this piece I was asked to design a new logo/magazine
layout for a new company. I chose to go with a magazine
called “Nature” that would talk about nature’s beautiful
wonders such as butterflies. My color palette was chose
to represent the deep colors within nature.

Training Interface
This training piece was created for easy accessibility for

the end user. Creating the main interface/hundreds of

graphics and a full interface template. This piece was up
for honoree mention within the company.

This piece was done for an event for a company that
requested a very colorful poster and ticket to the event.
The event was for the company personnel that was to
show the “derby”. They really wanted to emphasize
derby colors with some motion, a logo that was simple
but colorful and also represented the colors for the
company division.

Brochure Layout
This piece was created for the Mk 45 Naval Gun for
international purposes. All technical illustrations were
drawn or reproduced using illustrator software. Keeping
with BAE standards this piece was given a nice clean
look. My color palette was corporate standards with tints.

Trade Show Design
This was a main function that I became an expert at
in the development of many trade shows. From initial
concept, development, creation, and final printing
process. These designs were created through many
hours of research/creation to give the best possible
interpretation of a military scenario to show the product
in the field.